Ear Muffs – Esko Max33 Folding Earmuff for Optimal Hearing Protection

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Esko Max33 Folding Earmuff: Your Premier Solution for Hearing Protection

For the ultimate in hearing safety in high-decibel environments, look no further than the Esko Max33 Folding Earmuff. Engineered for maximum hearing protection, these earmuffs are your top choice for shielding against noise levels up to 120 dB. Be it a bustling construction site or a noisy factory, these earmuffs are your passport to a safer, more comfortable workday.

Superior Hearing Protection

Boasting a Class 5, SLC80 33dB rating, the Esko Max33 Folding Earmuff provides serious hearing protection. This is not just any earmuff; it’s a certified AS/NZS 1270:2002 safety gear, designed to shield your ears from damaging noise levels. So, why gamble with your hearing when you can rely on the Esko Max33?

Comfort and Ease in One Package

But it’s not just about protection. The Esko Max33 Folding Earmuff is also designed for comfort and ease. Its low clamping force ensures a snug seal without applying excessive pressure, making it incredibly comfortable to wear. Additionally, the height-adjustable headband can be folded down for easy storage and protection of the foam cushions. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and easy to store – what more could you ask for?

Extra Features for Your Advantage

But there’s more! The Esko Max33 Folding Earmuff also comes in a smart hangsell clamshell pack for easy merchandising. Whether you’re buying individually or in cartons of six, you’ll appreciate the convenient packaging. And for those who want to maintain their ear muffs in top condition, a hygiene kit (EMAX33HK) is also available.

Opt for Esko Max33 for Your Hearing Protection Needs

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your hearing protection. Choose the Esko Max33 Folding Earmuff and experience the difference of a premium safety gear. Remember, your hearing is irreplaceable – protect it with the best. Choose Esko Max33.

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