P2 Valved Dust Mask – Esko Breathe Easy P2 Flat Fold

$32.15 incl GST

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P2 Valved Dust Mask – Esko Breathe Easy P2 Flat Fold.

  • P2 rating for protection against mechanically and thermally generated particles
  • Foldable for added convenience
  • Exhalation valve for extra air flow
  • Larger breathing chamber reduces breathing resistance
  • Individually packaged
  • Colour-coded packaging for ease of identification
  • Dual straps give firm and comfortable fit
  • Box of 10

Convenient and Cost-effective Protection

  • The Esko Breathe Easy P2 Flat Fold Mask is an affordable and convenient solution for those who need protection against dust and other particulate hazards.
  • This mask can be easily stored in a toolbox or work bag, so you always have it on hand when you need it.
  • The mask is disposable, which means that you can simply replace it when it becomes dirty or damaged.
  • With the P2 Valved Dust Mask, you can enjoy reliable protection without breaking the bank.


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