Foam Kneepad – Esko ACTIV Ballistic Poly Layered for Heavy Use

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Esko ACTIV Ballistic Poly Layered Foam Kneepad: Your Ultimate Knee Protection

For the ultimate in knee protection, look no further than the Esko ACTIV Ballistic Poly Layered Foam Kneepad. This heavy-duty kneepad is a game-changer in the world of workplace safety gear.

Superior Durability and Comfort

With an ergonomic design, this foam kneepad is engineered to endure the challenges of intense work environments. The neoprene liner offers a comfortable cushion, while the two-layer outer of ballistic poly fabric guarantees maximum durability. But there’s more. The non-slip PVC layer adds an additional safety feature, ensuring your kneepad stays in place even in the most demanding situations.

Innovative Layered Technology

This foam kneepad stands out with its innovative layered technology. The foam padding is designed to absorb shock and reduce pressure on the knees, making it a crucial piece of PPE gear for those who spend long hours on their knees. Whether you’re a tradesperson, a gardener, or a DIY enthusiast, this kneepad will make your work safer and more comfortable.

Convenient to Adjust and Secure

Featuring adjustable dual straps and easy click-fit clip fasteners, this kneepad is simple to put on and remove. It’s designed to fit most sizes, ensuring that everyone can benefit from its superior protection. Plus, the straps are designed to distribute pressure evenly, preventing any discomfort or chafing.

Ready for Retail Display

For retailers, this foam kneepad comes on a backing card for hangsell display, making it easy to highlight its features and benefits to customers. It’s not just a kneepad; it’s a testament to Esko’s commitment to quality and innovation in workplace safety products.

So why delay? Give your knees the protection they deserve with the Esko ACTIV Ballistic Poly Layered Foam Kneepad. It’s more than just a kneepad; it’s a commitment to safety, comfort, and productivity. Remember, a safe worker is a happy worker!

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