Pratt Manifest Cabinet with Lock

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Manifest Cabinet with Lock

In accordance with  Dangerous Goods Storage and Handling Regulations, it is a requirement to provide a manifest of dangerous goods.

  • The manifest must be kept on the premises in a place that is easily accessible to the emergency services authority.
  • Also, it must have information on the quantity, type and location of dangerous goods stored and handled on the premises to enable them to respond appropriately if called to an incident.
  • The manifest should be housed in a holder of substantial weatherproof constructed located near the Outer Warning Placard at the front of the premises.


  • The Pratt Manifest Cabinet provides a safe and dry enclosure for the manifest documents and complies with these Regulation requirements.
  • A weather resistant channel around the door frame to prevent rainwater egress.
  • Elevated galvanised steel document binder holder.
  • 003 combination key lock, compatible with emergency services.


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