Thorzt Evaporative Cooling Vest – Hi Vis Yellow

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Thorzt Evaporative Cooling Vest – Hi Vis Yellow: The Ultimate Solution to NZ’s Heat

Isn’t it time you got the edge over the scorching New Zealand sun? With the Thorzt Evaporative Cooling Vest, you’ll not only stand out in vibrant hi-vis yellow but stay astonishingly cool, even when it feels like the sun’s only a few meters away.

A Fit for Everyone

With its simple V-neck and zipper closure, it’s like this vest was made just for you. Whether you’re on the job, hiking, or simply out for a walk, it adapts to your needs. Why? Because it’s made for everyone.

Continuous Cooling? Absolutely!

Ever felt that quick rush of relief from a cold shower, only for it to vanish minutes later? That’s not a problem here. Dive into hours of cooling relief with just a single soak. Yeah, you read that right. Just imagine the prolonged freshness!

Light, Durable, and Always Ready

Forget those heavy, cumbersome jackets. This vest is lightweight and a breeze to activate. Plus, it’s rugged enough to stand up to the demands of the great outdoors. How’s that for reliability?

Designed for Comfort

Ever been intrigued by the touch of quilted nylon? This vest boasts a comfortable quilted nylon outer, combined with a unique polymer cooling fabric inner. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a water-repellent nylon liner and a touch of black poly-cotton trim. It’s the perfect blend of form and function!

Easy Care for Lasting Coolness

Cleaning’s a breeze! A simple hand wash won’t compromise its cooling prowess. So, it’s always ready when you are. Isn’t that handy?

So, why settle for the usual when the exceptional is within reach? With the Thorzt Evaporative Cooling Vest, you’re not just wearing a vest; you’re making a statement. Ready to redefine cool?

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