Duramesh: 30m Heavy-Duty Safety Fencing

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Unlock Next-Level Safety with Guardtech???s Esko brand Duramesh???Your 30m Fortress of Reliability.

Imagine this: Your worksite, wrapped in a cocoon of unparalleled security and durability. With Duramesh, that isn???t a fantasy. It???s your new reality.

# Why Duramesh is a Safety Marvel:
Flaunt uncompromising safety in vivacious orange. Duramesh commands attention???ensuring the focus is always where it needs to be: On Safety.

– Built to Withstand Anything:
Constructed with 300gsm heavy-duty mesh, Duramesh laughs in the face of wear and tear. Your site deserves the strongest, your site deserves Duramesh.

– Intricate Mesh for Finer Safety:
Boasting a 45 x 45mm mesh size, Duramesh offers the perfect balance between visibility and security, ensuring nothing gets through unless you say so.

– Made to Outlast:
New Zealand’s sun can be relentless. That’s why Duramesh is crafted with UV-stabilised virgin HDPE. It’s not just built to last, it’s built to outlast.

– Eco-Friendly & Reusable:
Weighing just 9kg for a whopping 30m roll, Duramesh is your reusable, eco-friendly option. Because safety and sustainability should go hand-in-hand.

– Multifaceted Utility:
From bustling events to demanding construction sites, from guiding pedestrians to safeguarding trenches???Duramesh???s utility knows no bounds.

Guardtech???s Pledge:
New Zealand has come to trust Guardtech for industrial-grade safety solutions. Choose Duramesh and become a part of a safety-first community.

Your Safety Deserves No Compromise!
Don???t roll the dice on safety. Elevate your safety quotient with Duramesh now!

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