Esko Hi-Vis Reflective Bunting Cord

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Esko Hi-Vis Reflective Bunting Cord: Top-Notch Fluoro Bunting Cord for Your Safety

Illuminate your workspace with the Esko Hi-Vis Reflective Bunting Cord, a fluoro bunting cord designed to ensure optimal visibility and safety in various environments. This bunting cord is a must-have for areas requiring high-level delineation and is versatile enough for construction sites, maintenance work, and excavation sites.

Stand-Out Features

  • High Visibility: Fluoro PVC triangle flags ensure maximum visibility during the day.
  • Reflective Tabs: Optional reflective tabs provide added visibility, crucial for night-time operations.
  • Extended Length: A generous 30-metre length cord, accommodating 45 flags for comprehensive coverage.


This premium fluoro bunting cord comes in two variants – Day Only (BDO) and Day/Night (BDN), allowing for tailored use based on your requirements.

  • BDO Variant: Equipped with 45 flags, optimal for daylight use.
  • BDN Variant: Features 45 flags plus 44 reflective tabs for day and night utility.


Esko Hi-Vis Reflective Bunting Cord is a versatile solution, ideal for delineating:

  • Construction Sites
  • Maintenance Areas
  • Site Works
  • Excavation Zones


Why choose Esko’s Hi-Vis Reflective Bunting Cord?

  • Enhanced Safety: The reflective tabs and high-visibility flags significantly reduce the risk of accidents by delineating hazard areas effectively.
  • Versatility: Its application isn’t limited to just one domain; whether it’s construction or excavation, it’s your go-to safety companion.
  • Durability: Crafted to last, it stands up to the rigours of any work environment, ensuring long-lasting service.

Make your workspaces safer and more visible with Esko’s high-quality reflective bunting cord. It’s not just a safety product; it’s a safety companion, enhancing your protection with every use. Whether you’re working during the day or at night, its exceptional visibility features will keep you and your team out of harm’s way. Don’t compromise on safety, choose Esko’s Hi-Vis Reflective Bunting Cord!

Discover the difference of superior delineation – Invest in Esko’s Hi-Vis Reflective Bunting Cord today!

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