Esko High-Strength Detectable Wire Trench Tape – NZ

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Esko High-Strength Detectable Wire Trench Tape – NZ

Upgrade your safety measures with Esko’s High-Strength Detectable Wire Trench Tape, a top choice for discerning New Zealand professionals in search of optimal safety solutions. Designed to serve underground services, infrastructure, and land development, this trench tape offers robust signal transmission and is embedded with a corrosion-proof stainless steel tracer.

Prime Features

Our tape boasts high reflectivity and strength, ensuring it stands out, reducing the risk of accidents and damage. It’s versatile, suitable for delineating water, sewer, and gas mains, speaking volumes about its adaptability.

  • High-Strength Signal Transmission: Guarantees optimal signal clarity and strength, marking buried services effectively.
  • Corrosion-Proof Stainless Steel Tracer: Offers longevity and reliability, even in challenging conditions.
  • Varied Texts and Sizes: Available in roll sizes of 50mm x 250m and 100mm x 250m, with distinct texts for water, sewer, and gas mains.
  • Durable and Versatile: Its robustness makes it ideal for a myriad of uses including infrastructure and land development projects.


Whether you’re marking underground buried services, working on utilities, or involved in land development, this tape is the go-to safety product, ensuring clear, unmistakable marking of hazards and obstructions.

Enhanced Safety and Visibility

The advanced technology employed ensures over three times higher reflectivity than standard tapes, warranted for 10 years. It’s aggressive and durable, holding up to weather, pressure washing, and dirt, confirming its status as an indispensable safety companion in diverse environments.

Why Choose Esko High-Strength Detectable Wire Trench Tape?

For professionals seeking reliability and performance, this trench tape is a clear winner. It meets diverse needs with its versatility and strength. Don’t compromise; choose Esko for enhanced safety and visibility in all your projects!

Make the Smart, Safe Choice!

Don’t leave safety to chance! Opt for Esko High-Strength Detectable Wire Trench Tape and ensure the well-being of your projects and team. Make the smart, safe choice – choose durability, choose visibility, choose Esko!

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