Combine Dressing 10cm X 20cm – Box of 15

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Combine Dressing 10cm X 20cm – Box of 15

Note: Image shows 25 per box but the box contains 15 dressings

Experience top-notch wound care with our Combine Dressing 10cm X 20cm. These dressings are designed to provide superior protection and comfort, making them an essential addition to any first aid kit or medical facility.

Exceptional Quality Materials

Our dressings are crafted from premium non-woven materials that are fluid-resistant, ensuring that wounds stay dry and safe. The outer layer effectively reduces fluid penetration and contamination, promoting a cleaner healing environment.

Advanced Absorbency

The highly absorbent inner layer is designed to draw moisture away from the wound, reducing the frequency of dressing changes. This feature enhances patient comfort and supports faster healing, making these dressings ideal for various medical applications.

Sterile and Ready to Use

Each dressing is individually wrapped and sterilized, ensuring that they are ready for immediate use. This guarantees optimal hygiene and convenience, whether used in a clinical setting or at home.

Comfortable Cushioned Protection

The cushioned design of the Combine Dressing 10cm X 20cm provides added comfort and protection for sensitive wounds. It minimizes pressure and friction, making it suitable for a variety of wound types.

Convenient Packaging

Our box of 15 dressings is designed for easy access and storage. The convenient dispenser box ensures that each dressing is readily available when you need it most, enhancing clinician convenience and efficiency.

Enhance your wound care routine with Amtech’s Combine Dressing 10cm X 20cm – a reliable choice for superior wound protection and comfort. Perfect for professional and personal use, these dressings ensure you’re always prepared.

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