Smith & Nephew Primapore Wound Care 15x8cm Pack 20

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Discover the gold standard of wound care with Smith & Nephew Primapore Dressings. Your path to swift healing begins here, and you can’t afford to settle for anything less than the best.

Why Choose Smith & Nephew Primapore?

Soft & Conformable: Crafted for maximum comfort, this dressing effortlessly contours to your body’s curves. Say goodbye to awkward, ill-fitting bandages, Primapore molds to you.

Versatile Utility: Whether it’s a surgical incision or an everyday cut, Primapore is your go-to solution. The dressings consist of a Melolin-type pad, ideal for a range of wound types.

Breathable Yet Absorbent: The dressing doesn’t just sit there, it works for you. Highly absorbent, it wicks away exudate and blood, allowing your wounds to breathe and heal faster.

Allergy-Friendly: Sensitive skin? No worries. The Hypafix backing is water-resistant and hypoallergenic. Plus, the evenly spread low-allergy acrylic adhesive ensures a secure, yet gentle, grip.

How to Use:
– Cleanse the wound carefully.
– Apply Primapore, making sure the Melolin pad is directly over the wound.

Our Promise:
Experience true peace of mind knowing you’re covered by the trusted Smith & Nephew brand.

Take Control of Your Healing Journey Today: Isn’t it time you gave your wounds the best possible care? With Smith & Nephew Primapore dressings, effective healing isn’t just possible, it’s guaranteed.

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