BURN GEL SACHETS – Platinum Aeroburn 3.5g Pack of 10

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BURN GEL SACHETS – Platinum Aeroburn 3.5g Pack of 10

When dealing with burns, immediate relief is crucial. Our BURN GEL SACHETS from Platinum Aeroburn provide a fast and effective solution, making them an essential addition to any first aid kit. Each sachet contains a sterile, antibacterial cooling gel that delivers rapid and ongoing relief.

Instant Relief for Burn Injuries

These burn gel sachets are designed to cool and soothe burns quickly. The gel, made up of 90% water suspended in a cooling formula, helps to alleviate pain and reduce the risk of further tissue damage. It’s like having a refreshing splash of water to calm the fiery pain of a burn, ensuring comfort and quick relief.

Sterile and Antibacterial

Every sachet is sterile and contains antibacterial properties, ensuring that the wound is kept clean and protected from infection. This makes the burn gel sachets not only soothing but also safe for use on a variety of burn injuries. They are individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene, making them easy to carry and use whenever needed.

Convenient and Ready to Use

Each pack contains 10 sachets, each with 3.5 grams of burn gel. The compact size and individual packaging make these sachets perfect for inclusion in first aid kits, travel packs, or even your everyday carry. They are manufactured in Australia, adhering to high-quality standards, ensuring you get the best care for burn injuries.

Why Choose Platinum Aero Burn Gel Sachets?

Platinum Aero Burn Gel Sachets offer a reliable and effective way to manage burn injuries. They provide immediate cooling relief, which helps to minimize pain and prevent further damage. The sterile, antibacterial properties ensure that the burn area is protected from infection, promoting better healing.

Don’t let burns slow you down. Be prepared with Platinum Aero Burn Gel Sachets and experience quick, soothing relief whenever you need it.

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