Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap – Neat Feat TherapyGel

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Neat Feat TherapyGel Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap – A Versatile Solution for Pain Relief and Recovery

Experience faster recovery from aches and injuries with the Neat Feat TherapyGel Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap. Perfectly designed to offer both hot and cold therapies, this wrap is your trusted companion for managing muscle pain, sprains, stiffness, mild arthritis, sports injuries, or burns.

Hot Therapy: The hot therapy option enhances blood circulation to accelerate the healing process, making it a reliable solution for muscle stiffness, sprains, and mild arthritis.

Cold Therapy: With cold therapy, you can effectively reduce swelling and alleviate pain from sports injuries, burns, or joint discomfort.

Key Product Features:

  • Adaptable for use on the foot, wrist, elbow, or ankle
  • Features an adjustable strap for a snug fit and easy application
  • Includes a removable gel-pad, constructed from premium, leak-proof materials for durability
  • Gel-pad can be conveniently removed for heating or cooling as per therapeutic needs

Product Materials:

The therapy wrap consists of 90% Neoprene and 10% Elastane, ensuring flexibility and comfort. The gel pad, a critical component, is composed of 75% Gel and 25% Glycerin, ensuring maximum therapeutic efficacy.

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