Blue Plasters NZ – Metal Detectable, Box of 100

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Blue Plasters NZ – Metal Detectable, Box of 100: The Premier Safety Solution for NZ Workplaces

In the realm of workplace safety, especially within the food production industry, the Blue Plasters NZ – Metal Detectable, Box of 100 is a game-changer. These are not your average bandages. They’re a notch above the rest, providing superior adhesion, conformability, and user comfort.

Experience the Best

Have you ever dealt with a plaster that refuses to stick? With our blue metal detectable plasters, that’s a thing of the past. These plasters adhere like a second skin, resisting water, oil, and grease – elements that often cause inferior products to lift. The outcome? A longer-lasting, more durable plaster that stays in place, performing its function exactly as intended.

Comfort and Flexibility

Comfort is a crucial factor when it comes to first aid supplies. Our blue plasters are designed with this in mind. They conform to your body’s contours, providing a comfortable fit that doesn’t restrict movement. So, you can continue with your day, confident that your wound is well-protected.

Hygienic and Safe

These blue plasters are not just about comfort and durability. They’re also about safety and hygiene. The island wound pad with a metal detectable strip completely seals the wound from bacteria, while still allowing it to breathe. This makes them ideal for use in the food production industry, where safety and hygiene are paramount.


Consider this. A plaster that sticks better and lasts longer means you’ll use fewer plasters over time. This can lead to noticeable reductions in plaster usage within your workplace, making our blue plasters a cost-effective choice for your first aid supplies.

So, why compromise when you can have the best? With the Blue Plasters NZ – Metal Detectable, Box of 100, you’re not just purchasing a box of plasters. You’re investing in workplace safety, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. Make the smart choice today. Your employees will thank you for it.

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