Transparent Plasters for Wound – Aeroplast Assorted Shapes Box 100

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Aeroplast Transparent Plasters for Wound – Assorted Shapes Box 100

In the realm of wound care, the Aeroplast Transparent Plasters Assorted Shapes Box 100 is a trusted ally in New Zealand and Australia. These plasters are more than just ordinary bandages; they are a harmonious blend of durability, flexibility, and subtlety.

Exceptional Durability and Flexibility

These transparent plasters for wound are made from unique materials that stretch, bend, and conform to various body parts. This flexibility ensures you enjoy unrestricted movement, even with a plaster on. Despite their flexibility, these plasters are a testament to high durability. They are a new generation of wash-proof and waterproof plasters, designed to withstand the rigours of your daily activities.

Superior Wound Protection

Each plaster features an extra-large, highly absorbent wound pad. This feature ensures your wound is well-protected, promoting faster healing. Whether you’re dealing with a minor cut or a more significant wound, these plasters have got you covered.

Subtle and Cosmetically Appealing

One of the standout features of these plasters is their transparency. Once applied, they blend seamlessly with any skin tone, making them cosmetically subtle. You no longer have to worry about unsightly bandages; these plasters are as discreet as they come.

Assorted Shapes for Various Needs

The Aeroplast Transparent Plasters Assorted Shapes Box 100 is a versatile collection of plasters designed to cater to different needs. The box contains:

  • 65 Standard Bandages measuring 1.9cm x 7.2cm, perfect for everyday cuts and scrapes.
  • 10 Small Patch plasters measuring 3.8cm x 3.8cm, ideal for smaller wounds.
  • 10 X-Wide Bandages measuring 2.5cm x 7.5cm, designed for larger wounds.
  • 5 Knuckle Bandages measuring 3.8cm x 7.5cm, specially shaped for knuckle wounds.
  • 5 Fingertip Bandages measuring 4.5cm x 7.5cm, perfect for those tricky fingertip injuries.

With the Aeroplast Transparent Plasters Assorted Shapes Box 100, you’re not just buying plasters; you’re investing in a reliable, versatile, and subtle solution for wound care. So why wait? Give your wounds the care they deserve today.

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