Eye Wash Station – Platinum with Protective Cover & 2x500ml Bottles

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Platinum Eye Wash Station with Protective Cover & 2x500ml Bottles

Eye safety is a non-negotiable aspect of every home and workplace. We present to you our Platinum Eye Wash Station, an essential tool that offers immediate relief during eye emergencies. This station is more than just an eyewash; it’s a lifeline.

Sterile Sodium Chloride for Instant Eye Relief

Our eye wash station is armed with Sterile Sodium Chloride – Saline, the gold standard for eye flushing. This solution is gentle on the eyes, yet effective in flushing out foreign substances, ensuring immediate relief.

Innovative Venturi Flow System

The distinguishing feature of our eye wash station is the Venturi flow system. This innovative feature ensures a gentle, continuous flush, providing optimal comfort during the flushing process. It’s akin to having a mini waterfall at your disposal, ready to cleanse your eyes at a moment’s notice.

Ample 500ml Bottles for Thorough Flushing

Each station is equipped with two 500ml bottles, providing ample solution for thorough eye flushing. These generous bottles ensure that you never run out of solution in the middle of an emergency.

Design for Visibility and Accessibility

Our eye wash station is designed to be visible and accessible. Encased in a sealed cabinet mirror, it’s easy to spot and reach in an emergency. Plus, the protective cover keeps the bottles clean and ready for use.

Simple to Use

Operating our eye wash station is as simple as twist and squeeze. Simply twist the top to break the sterile seal, then squeeze the bottle in either position for rapid flushing. The special release holes ensure the solution vents out smoothly, providing a high volume flow for gentle flushing.

Quick Removal for Emergencies

In an emergency, every second counts. That’s why our eye wash bottles can be removed quickly and easily, ensuring immediate access to the flushing solution.

What’s Included

Your Platinum Eye Wash Station comes with 2 x Irrigation Bottles, a Sealed Cabinet, and a Mirror. Everything you need for a safe and effective eye wash station is included in one convenient package.

Don’t compromise on eye safety. Invest in our Platinum Eye Wash Station today and ensure immediate relief in case of eye emergencies. Because when it comes to your eyes, you deserve nothing but the best.

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